49ers offer use of Levi’s Stadium to serve as vaccination site for Santa Clara County

The San Francisco 49ers have offered up the use of Levi’s Stadium to Santa Clara County to help with the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations.

In a letter sent to Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors President Cindy Chavez, 49ers team president Al Guido offered the use of their facility to help expedite the rollout out of the vaccine in the south Bay Area.

“To help the County in their efforts, we are pleased to offer Levi’s Stadium as a vaccination site,” the letter read. “In collaboration with our partners, Levi’s Stadium offers a facility with the requisite technology to store vaccines, world-class security, and the capability to partner with public health professionals to administer vaccines. By serving as a vaccination center, we believe Levi’s Stadium can rapidly expand the number of Santa Clara County residents receiving the vaccine.

“Our community has fought hard to do their part during this pandemic and they continue to demonstrate their resiliency. We have repeatedly witnessed residents and businesses determined to help and protect their fellow neighbors, which has not only brought light to a dark time but has continually motivated our organization to find create ways to assist the community.”

The 49ers were unable to finish the season in their home stadium as local guidelines regarding the COVID-19 outbreak preventing gatherings of the size needed for the team to practice or plays games locally. The last game they played at home came on Nov. 5 against the Green Bay Packers. The played their next two games on the road with a bye week in between before making the temporary move to the Phoenix area for the final five games of the season.